Review: IMPO & THE TENTS – Anxious Times 7″


Anxious Times 7″
Alien Snatch Records

Tricia Toyota´s Rapid Reaction French Kiss Force of the Special Wankings & Tactics Unit Södertälje is back with another candystained slab of kindergarten organ driven yummy teen blast enhancing the magnum opus Powerbubble-Pop of their “Peek After A Poke” full-length above perfection.

Highly infectious like the Katz / Kasenetz virus which hold the world in it´s clutches in the Sixties they pop the best weasel out of Bubblegum´s 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY and OHIO EXPRESS catchy rhythm simplicity while at the same time bang shang-a-langing through the Archie Show with DICKIES “Nights In White Satin” speed and an on the point MODERNETTES “Barbra” drum beat. As if this wouldn´t inherently be enough genius yet they even draw the bow further by taking the Justin Strauss Metro to “Tinkertoy Tomorrow” with a sidestep visit at the SPEEDIES door to take a souvenir photo before seizing the airplane to UK to sip on a final Margarita and drop out with the BARRACUDAS wishing it would be 1965 again. Still these references are only scratching the surface, nerd affectionally seen IMPO & THE TENTS will really make you wonder if you´re just browsing through a present age version of Sing Sing Records´ back catalogue of bands.

Besides the almost unbelievable and manic music side the best thing about IMPO & THE TENTS of course is that they´ll beam you right back into childish no consequences Michel from Lönneberga behaviour where you not only wanna get drunk yourself but also want the pigs to have their share too, good clean blutwurst breath fun. Actually in a world not gone totally mad IMPO & THE TENTS would be the autocratic kings of the Micky Mouse Club driving both teenage girls and boys crazy whereas Justin Bieber would just be a Prozac addicted homeless with a bad haircut.

As the odds for this to happen are long it´s on us as elitist music perfectionists to start our own teenage respective retiree club and spin their records while sloshing with beer cans until our limbic system goes bang.






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