Review: DISCO LEPERS – Open Sores 7″


Open Sores 7″
No Front Teeth Records

After the DISCO LEPERS had to take a four year hiatus at the local Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital for the purpose of reflecting their vasectomy phantasies these rabid hoodlums are right back just in time to carry on the dirty toilet paper flag of their Siamese Snot & Puke Twins THE GAGGERS who recently waved Goodbye and Fuck Off. A conjuncture that really made me sink in heartbreaking tears by the way as I have to treat myself for real adventure with an electro-shocker now instead of just waiting for the next GAGGERS EP. But back to the DISCO LEPERS who are on a mission through time and space to orchestrate the ultimate killing of the BEATLES on this 7″ which is coming along with an illustrated guide for this mission in form of the second treat of the Jet Comix series in the limited edition.

With due regard to the mushroom pates death mission the Lepra Colony eremites of the DISCO LEPERS manage to create a proper musical backing for sending them to kingdom come by taking Darby Crash´s stomach content after a heavy shoot of bath salts and crossing it with the obnoxious farts of KBD entrepeneurs like the INJECTIONS or ALAN MILMAN SECT, all handmade with the HIV infected dexterity of the JABBERS. Facts which are not only prompting big expectations for their upcoming “Sophisticated Shame” full-length but also raising a ray of hope on my side for not having to electroshock myself.                                                                     







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