Split 7″
Taken By Surprise Records

Double dosed REAL KIDS meets POINTED STICKS heartattack Espresso with diabetically sweet lollipop-topping from those two master degree graduates out of the Criminal Heartbreak Society of Pop Sensibility.

On the side of the MANDATES the Stiv Bators screw is tightened one step further from the DEAD BOYS side to his bonafide solo effort of “Disconnected” as while the band is still rubbing perfectly and with their own home brand “Bad Luck Charm” on the “Do The Boob” nipples of already above mentioned Boston gods.
Meanwhile the MOTHER´S CHILDREN are the second to none as well providing the exact answer to the omnipresent canadian riddle of “What Do You Want Me To Do” by drive by shooting the neighborhood´s mailboxes with empty beercans to the Shama-Lama sound of THE RECORDS on a sunny sunday afternoon in summertime.
Without a doubt the ten point twist dive with double flip from the Powerpop throne can be hardly done any better than those two bands are pinning it down on the gym mat.       






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