Split 7″
Contra Records

Music for Brogue Polishers the Triple Oi! 14-Hole Boots Fanclub operator will be complaining about while the frontman of the POTBELLY ANARCHISTS, still noggy from the three litres Chianti bottle he had for breakfast, will be roistering in bewilderment: This is what you call Punk ?                                 

They just don´t understand it, their horizon has been been busted as they don´t have any clue in which of their close minded drawers the band should be sorted in. 

So let´s cut it down for them and do some enlightening work. Both DUFFY´S CUT and IDLE GOSSIP can in the main be pinned down to the keywords Style and Obession, like a personified Sta-Prest crease collecting sweat in an english sixties dancehall. They are Button-Down disciples with full backpleat, cufflinks and a matching three button jacket handsewn by the same italian tailor that already staffed Steve McQueen. They are practicing musically obsessed genealogy in sweatened Arnold Palmer camisoles going back to the very roots of real handmade music.

In the case of DUFFY´S CUT this theory is proved rightaway with their starter for this Split 7″, an incredibly formidable British Invasion infused Maximum Rhythm´n´Soul interpretation of Sleepy John Estes´ Blues standard “Milk Cow Bues” that even would have caused the dancefloor of the legendary Wigan Casino to collapse and even Steve Marriott, cladded in his finest threads, would have assisted for it to do so, regardless the consequences for his clobber. Once you think you´ve heard it all after this song and wanna have some pints to remoisten your stationary open mouth they even manage to top their prior performance by pinning down “Ten Steps” and finally send all those freaked out Mods, Suedeheads and Soul Boys to the happy hunting grounds of heaven. 

But you know, these fellas are the creatures of the night, up until dawn and after, they want more, so now it´s on the IDLE GOSSIP to deliver and delivering they do with dancing the “Baltimore Foxtrot” on the side of Keith Moon and Brian Jones, “Midnight To Six Man” with the PRETTY THINGS backed up by the “British Way Of Life” and it´s rorty Mod Revival scooter army from THE CHORDS to the DIRECTIONS and back to LONG TALL SHORTY plus finally adding a squeeze of the KINKS here and a dash of the early YARDBIRDS there. Believe me, you would not only sell your soul for this vinyl treasure isle but also your holy desert boots.                                                                   







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