Split 7″
No Front Teeth Records

London vs. Berlin, who will survive and what will be left of them ?
Counting on NFT Records one can bet that their won´t be any losers in the label roster anyway and so it was bound to happen that also these two opponents are disorderly spinning their rounds to the sound of the always welcome 77-Slop-Waltz in the poorly lit side alleys of Soho respectively Berlin.
While the SCRAPS are cheap & nasty reaking the “Fascist Dictator” award of the CORTINAS and trying to tame the JERKS woofing dog´s fleas stuck in their butt crack, NEEDLE EXCHANGE are plunging down the Lost 77 Remixes Highway of the HEARTBREAKERS in Kamikaze style with the song “I Wanna Die” just to meet a rampaging GG Allin in a torn ambulance at the bottom of the hill for the final Pussy Summit Meeting.

7 / 10






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