vibrator buzz logo 2.6

As some of you may not have recognized the original VIBRATOR BUZZ Blog from way back then in the 18th Century has not only been inactive for about two years but also been meanwhile deleted.

But as I´ve gotten for some mysterious reasons quite a few requests for putting back up my delicious homebrand weirdo reviews in english language as well, I´ve decided to relaunch the whole thing until further notice.

In case you are interested to have your artistical work ennobled by my flipped out rantings as well, feel free to get in touch. The hunting area is still set on Punk, Powerpop, Mod, Garage and the real quality Oi! stuff.

In case you are into Heavy Metal, Screamo Hardcore with Violin Parts please feel free to contact someone else, who will like it.

If you feel the dumbhead need to express you xenophobist needs, conservative white trash bullshit or some other sort of intolerant assholism through your music, please take those right to the dumpster where they belong.

Have Fun & Keep On Keeping On !


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