Review: IMPO & THE TENTS – Anxious Times 7″


Anxious Times 7″
Alien Snatch Records

Tricia Toyota´s Rapid Reaction French Kiss Force of the Special Wankings & Tactics Unit Södertälje is back with another candystained slab of kindergarten organ driven yummy teen blast enhancing the magnum opus Powerbubble-Pop of their “Peek After A Poke” full-length above perfection.Read More »


Review: DISCO LEPERS – Open Sores 7″


Open Sores 7″
No Front Teeth Records

After the DISCO LEPERS had to take a four year hiatus at the local Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital for the purpose of reflecting their vasectomy phantasies these rabid hoodlums are right back just in time to carry on the dirty toilet paper flag of their Siamese Snot & Puke Twins THE GAGGERS who recently waved Goodbye and Fuck Off. A conjuncture that really made me sink in heartbreaking tears by the way as I have to treat myself for real adventure with an electro-shocker now instead of just waiting for the next GAGGERS EP. But back to the DISCO LEPERS who are on a mission through time and space to orchestrate the ultimate killing of the BEATLES on this 7″ which is coming along with an illustrated guide for this mission in form of the second treat of the Jet Comix series in the limited edition.Read More »

Top Of The Snots: THE JETZ – Cracked Up LP


Cracked Up LP
Queen Mum Records

It was back in 2011 when Kidnap, Powerpop Guitarrero jack of all trades with the NOT AMUSED and TWITCHBLADES as well as label chief of Queen Mum Records and artworker at Mess Media, did the glorious job of sorting out previously unreleased demos from Cheshunt´s own Powerpop Legend THE JETZ, best known for their glorious alltime favourite “Catch Me”, and put out the meanwhile sold out “The Anthology 1977-79” on his label which not only received rave reviews from Powerpop fanatics all over the world but also became a collector´s piece within´ weeks after the release.

Incited by this release the ghosts of the past had been awakened and kicked THE JETZ back in time rediscovering the spirit and youthful enthusiasm of their early days back in the seventies. They finally wanted to put out that one proper album they should have made but never got the chance to do so back then. In the summer of 2014 they recorded their first new songs for what was proposed to be an EP with four songs and of course couldn´t stop writing new songs until they finally got twelve songs assembled which are now representing that one first proper album “Cracked Up”.

So without further chatter let me get one thing straight out right at the beginning: This record that THE JETZ put out after they called it a day back in 1979 is not only a phenomenal comeback of a band from the golden days of Powerpop, it´s as well an epic absolutely unique record because the band manages to capture and fuse every single musical impression of their own past, every disillusioned teenager´s hopes and dreams expressed through songs that really mattered and had the impact to change your life and make it better.Read More »



Split 7″
Contra Records

Music for Brogue Polishers the Triple Oi! 14-Hole Boots Fanclub operator will be complaining about while the frontman of the POTBELLY ANARCHISTS, still noggy from the three litres Chianti bottle he had for breakfast, will be roistering in bewilderment: This is what you call Punk ?                                 

They just don´t understand it, their horizon has been been busted as they don´t have any clue in which of their close minded drawers the band should be sorted in. 

So let´s cut it down for them and do some enlightening work. Both DUFFY´S CUT and IDLE GOSSIP can in the main be pinned down to the keywords Style and Obession, like a personified Sta-Prest crease collecting sweat in an english sixties dancehall. They are Button-Down disciples with full backpleat, cufflinks and a matching three button jacket handsewn by the same italian tailor that already staffed Steve McQueen. They are practicing musically obsessed genealogy in sweatened Arnold Palmer camisoles going back to the very roots of real handmade music. Read More »



Split 7″
No Front Teeth Records

London vs. Berlin, who will survive and what will be left of them ?
Counting on NFT Records one can bet that their won´t be any losers in the label roster anyway and so it was bound to happen that also these two opponents are disorderly spinning their rounds to the sound of the always welcome 77-Slop-Waltz in the poorly lit side alleys of Soho respectively Berlin.Read More »


vibrator buzz logo 2.6

As some of you may not have recognized the original VIBRATOR BUZZ Blog from way back then in the 18th Century has not only been inactive for about two years but also been meanwhile deleted.

But as I´ve gotten for some mysterious reasons quite a few requests for putting back up my delicious homebrand weirdo reviews in english language as well, I´ve decided to relaunch the whole thing until further notice.Read More »