Audiophiles: V/A – More Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled


More Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

Keeping up with the tradition of both posting some Glam Nuggets and some either desperate or snotty rotten Powerpoppers, it´s time for the second volume with the last but not least mentioned.
So what have we got here ?
We´ve got the FAST CARS starting with the definitive fact of the kids just wanting to dance, we´ve got Parka Pop Mods like SQUIRE and THE SUSSED taking out the piss of those. We´ve got the DOGMATICS smoking their “King Size Cigarette” with “Johnny B. Rotten” of the MONKS, we´re jetting from PIN POINT´s “Richmond” over to EPPU NORMAALI and their Poliisi problems.
Also we´ve got Paracetamol, Pre-Pubescents and Weekend Love…all you have to do is jet down under the line again.
Yes, there´ll also be a third volume, exclusively presented to you by Jeff Hill, Adam Roth, Joy Rider & Avis Davis bringing another twenty-five Snot Pop cannonade to your house.
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Audiophiles: V/A – Backstreet Fever Vol. 2 – Ruff Ruckers vs. Stardust Stompers


Backstreet Fever Vol. 2 – Ruff Ruckers vs. Stardust Stompers
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

As the feedback for Backstreet Fever Vol. 1 really has been unbelievably overwhelming it´s only natural that I couldn´t kept you waiting any longer for the second collection of rowdy ramblers carrying on with additional bangers from Vol. 1 favourites like GRUDGE, BILBO BAGGINS, HUSTLER, KIPPER and GANG mixed with well known flare fumblers HELLO and BEANO and finally seasoned with racket-makers like CHAOS, FRENZY, BULLDOG BREED or BROWNSVILLW STATION plus plus plus…
Again summing up to a total of twenty tracks this one´s sure to satisfy your handjive needs as much as the previous volume for sure with a chartbusting tracklist featured in it´s whole below the line.
In case you might be thinking of the third volume´s content already here´s some tasty preview name dropping for ya: AMSTERDAM, STREAK, BARRY BLOOD, RICKY WILDE and more to let your jaw drop…
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Audiophiles: V/A – Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled


Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

As promised here it is, the beginning of it all, twenty-five electroshocked Petting Pop odes to teenage disasters, lost love, telephone sex and morse code messages straight to your heart. Startin´ with “Almost Ready ” by the NORMALS, you´ll cross the “Sunset Strip” with THE NUMBERS or will be able to join the “Modern Boys” with THE CROOKS before crossing the finishing line with a world-shaking question to Johnny by Josie Cotton.
Grab your hanky and find out what´s inbetween below…
Up next in the series will be the second volume of Backstreet Fever continuing your mama´s crazee cruise through the ballroom with CHAOS, BUBBLES, BEARDED LADY, FRENZY…
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Audiophiles: V/A – Backstreet Fever Vol. 1 – Bovver Boogie, Terrace Glam & Teenage Glitter


Backstreet Fever Vol. 1 – Bovver Boogie, Terrace Glam & Teenage Glitter
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

In reminiscence of the first Vibrator Buzz Blog installment back then in 1867, I decided to re-establish an always much loved tradition from that grandpa noise pollution network of mine and supply you with all volumes of my selfmade compilation series featuring only the best of Glam, Punk and Powerpop.
Starting off with the first volume of the Backstreet Fever series you´ll be properly equipped for the next Wham Bam Thank You Glam dance off at your favourite local boozing station, just in time to impress those neat and nasty plateau boot girl gang or the grim looking boover boys as well.
So get down beneath that “Read More” line and get all the tracklist information you need to start the Boogie like a maniac.
Up next in the series will be the first volume of “Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled” with sure shot powerpoppin´ crackers like the NORMALS, CITY LIMITS, LAST STAND, THE METHOD, CLIVE CULBERTSON and more…Stay Tuned !
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Review: DAMAGED ONES – The First Kiss LP


The First Kiss LP
New Age Records

TURNING POINT, UNBROKEN, STRIFE, some randomly chosen names of abstinent bustle boxers with XXX-Psychosis from the New Age label roster preaching an edge that I give a fuck about.
Owed to the above (maybe ignorant and single-sided) point of view and due to the fact that mentioned blokes and their musical relatives aren´t a part of my personal musical universe at all, I even didn´t know that New Age Records is still active and honestly couldn´t have cared less, at least so far.
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Review: BAD VISION – Turn Out Your Sockets LP


Turn Out Your Sockets LP
Adagio 830

It´s a shame, that bloody Bore´n´Roll rag Rolling Stone didn´t react to the gauntlet I slapped in their face with my last review for the Debut LP of BAD VISION back in 2014 telling them to do a special of these Melbournists. Even more disgraceful for this boring old music jounalist farts is the fact that they did not even get hooked on my paramountly poetic hints of tanked armadillos, LSD and Roky Erickson being evident in the sound of BAD VISION having convinced me to deliver eight points back then.
Pudency, ignominy and and infamy shall overcome them for such ignorance !
So keep on digging for unreleased output from Dylan´s armpits you old men, bad luck you´ll subsequently also not be able to understand why BAD VISION are able to even surpass their prior ouput with “Turn Out Your Sockets” and clock in for nine points now, steadily oscillating between the poles of Pop, Punk and Garage like a love letter written to the PIXIES by Jay Reatard and stamped by the FEELIES.
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Review: SLICK! – Slick ! LP


Slick ! LP
King Rocker Records

Coming from Oakland, California here´s your next fuckorite slab o´ sleaze filled muff divin´ Playboy pumpin´ GIZMOS Toilet Rock. Baked in a bong with the Budokan boost of CHEAP TRICK and filthily aged to cheap shot BROWNSVILLE STATION denim delinquents smoking in the boys room with the DICTATORS after a six pack burping parade through the sweaty wombs of little ol´ wine drinkers them like the HOLLYWOOD BRATS or NEW YORK DOLLS.

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Reissue Rumble: CITY LIMITS – To Hull And Back LP



To Hull And Back LP
Queen Mum Records

Watch out all you Powerpop Ultra Fanatics & 1979 Heartattack Rhythm Lovers ´cause after having elevated your skinny tied soul to seventh heaven top floor with the incredible full-length vinyl comeback of THE JETZ last year, Queen Mum Records is back with another masterstroke that you´ll rub your hands and wet your pants for.
Talk is of the legendary CITY LIMITS from Leeds, best known for their unbeatable Powerpop Manifest “Morse Code Messages” from their lone 1979 three track 7″ wonder of the same name fetching up prizes up to 500 Euros as of now.
A treasure chest tailor-made for Kidnap and his dedicated labelwork to dig deeper in and start the hunt for more hidden diamonds that even the most nerdy collector hasn´t dared to dream of yet while cuddling his near mint Clive Culbertson and SUDDEN FUN originals.

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The Raunch & Riot Of The CRAZY SQUEEZE: A Euro Tour Report by Sir Frankie Delmane


Fanzines, bloody hell ! It´s almost nine months ago now that I´ve tried multiple times at and at various resources to find a warm and cozy paper issue place for this CRAZY SQUEEZE tour report by Sir Frankie Delmane to creep in and be taken care of just to splendidly run aground.
Either I got offered the page space of a shopping list (if you don´t buy more than a piece of cheese and just a little salami) or I´ve been informed about guest writers not being asked for, sometimes I even got no answer at all or things just didn´t get sorted out the right way.
Nevertheless I still think that this tour report should be seen and read as it is perfectly echoing the passion and enthusiasm of the CRAZY SQUEEZE on stage. That “Glorious Pub Junk Glam’n’Roll providing you a rare and special kind of bliss only comparable to being laid to rest in the cuddly womb of a wet five dollar whore.” is really dripping out of every single letter noted down here.
As the CRAZY SQUEEZE have just released their “To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie” 7inch on Pure Punk and will be coming back to Europe this autumn, I thought that this report may be a fine taster for all the undecided to be discipulized into unrestrained outta control CRAZY SQUEEZE junkies with, even despite such dumb and childish things like actuality.
Last but not least a million thanks to Frankie for his work writing this !

crazy squeeze 3
The Crazy Squeeze- the proverbially postmodern pub rock masterpiece, took our show on the road this past November, bringing our brand of direct hit hooks- a sonic hybrid of our musical heroes from The Boys UK, Little Bob Story, Heartbreakers, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Stooges, Chuck Berry and Little Richard- merged with subtle hints of R&B, Soul, hillbilly music, and some shots of noise for anarchistic fullness- to towns across Europe, in an effort to entertain and galvanize those interested in having a momentary fling with catharsis, transcendence, and the overall need to get drunk, stupid, and sloppy. Three and a half weeks of nightly debauchery, debasement, and self-destruction seemed to lead the way, as we crawled and scrapped through language barriers, dietary challenges, traffic transgressions, and the general quest for some sort of avoidance of our everyday lives back home in Angry America. We were well-oiled, ready, packed and pleased to be going places few of us have been, some of us have seen many times, yet all would count as new adventures for a lifetime.
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